Dale Gordon Fergusson
8 August 1986 to 23 February 2007

Happy 30th Birthday Darling Dale,

This year will be Wine and a Bet Day - have given up beer for health reasons (haha) and Wine is better for your heart :) Know that we are all thinking of you and Missing you as much today as we have since you had to leave us. I'm sure you will be in good company on your special day with Pop, Zach and Col and all our other Family and Friends that are with you.

Forever in my Heart,
Love you Always
Mum, Mitch, Glenn and Missy xxx000xxx

I think Dale would like some focus placed on making people aware that Colorectal Cancer is not just an old personís disease.  When you are 17 years old, you donít expect to get Bowel Cancer.  Dale used to say he would love to go visit high schools and tell the kids that they need to be aware of their family medical history and if they have any symptoms then to Tell Someone and Don't Be Embarrassed!!!  He never got to do it.

Bowel Cancer screening in Australia is great if you are an older person.  Most people donít think to get their kids checked if there is a family history of it.  But PLEASE Ė this is a serious disease.  I would hate for other people to be without their children because they didnít realise that it could happen.  And thatís what it comes down to.  You Just Don't Realise That It Can Happen.

The important thing is Ė Ask Your Doctor.

As a parent, I would rather see my child go through 6 days of fasting from certain foods once a year, than not having my child tested at all and facing having to be without them Ė like we are without Dale.

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